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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, manufacturers of Automatic Pipe Benders have grown rapidly after the spring rains. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 500 domestic drying equipment manufacturers with annual market sales exceeding 3 billion yuan.

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Behind the prosperity, we should also clearly see that, on the one hand, compared with the international advanced technology, China still has a big gap, only in the middle and low-end technology product market dominates. With the entry of foreign companies, China's drying equipment manufacturing industry will face tremendous competitive pressure. On the other hand, China's drying equipment manufacturers are uneven. Some companies have a higher starting point and insist on taking the road of scientific and technological development to promote the development of the drying industry; however, there are also some "unknown soldiers" with low investment and low technical content. They have occupied the market with a large number of low-quality and low-cost equipment. Affected the overall image of the drying equipment, and led to the "inside" of the price of the "internal bucket equipment", leading to price wars. High-tech products cannot be squeezed into the big market, and "mean profits" make many advantageous companies have no advantage in the market. In the market, users often cannot distinguish the actual production capacity and reputation of the Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer, and they have no choice when buying.

Therefore, if China's dry industry wants to survive and develop in competition, it must be fully integrated.

First of all, it is the integration of scientific research units and production enterprises. At present, there are dozens of universities and research institutions in China engaged in the development and research of drying technology, but most of the knowledge achievements have not been effectively transformed into actual productivity. In order to become the mainstay of technological innovation, enterprises must directly establish contacts with universities and research institutions in various forms in order to allocate and utilize resources rationally.

The second is the integration of production enterprises. The automatic pipe bending machine industry has taken the road of strong alliances between enterprises, and has cultivated a group of strong technical forces in the industry, with well-known brands and large companies and enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights. Concentrated enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai may consider migrating to the central and western regions through joint ventures, cooperation, acquisitions, etc., to create greater space for the survival and development of enterprises.

Third, participate in international exchanges and competition. Domestic enterprises should not only broadly expand their export markets and strive to diversify their competition, but also increase technological exchanges with foreign enterprises, narrow the gap, and enhance the self-rescue ability and flexibility of the international market.

The fourth is to cooperate with customers. Carry out in-depth research on the drying process of materials, and improve the equipment according to different materials while meeting customer needs. Therefore, the automatic pipe bending machine enterprise can gradually develop from the production of general equipment to the production of special equipment, from a single user enterprise to the entire industry.

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