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The price of Hydraulic Pipe Bender is relatively high, and we need to spend a lot of money when buying the machine. So not only to save our resources, but also to get a better return on our economic expenses, we must better maintain it.

Maintenance method 1: We must choose a reasonable place for storage and use. The single head of the tube bender is made of metal. After sun and rain, acid rain corrosion and air oxidation will damage the machine. Therefore, we must pay attention to use in covered places, and avoid direct sunlight when not in use.

Pipe Bender

Pipe Bender

Maintenance method 2: Add oil usually is also an important method of our maintenance. Especially the single-head hydraulic pipe bender blade. We use the single-head hydraulic pipe bender mainly rely on the cutting part of the blade, once the blade has any wear, it will affect the cutting effect, so we must pay special attention to it. Adding oil to the blade from time to time can effectively prevent the blade from wearing too much, and it will not get stuck due to too dry. Also, before starting the machine, it is best to idle for a while. At this time, we should pay attention to listening to the sound with our ears. , Listen to it for abnormal sounds, check if there is no abnormality, see where the problem is, find the problem in time, and replace the problematic parts to ensure future use.

By the way, here we will tell you how to choose lubricants correctly.

1. Under the condition of fully guaranteeing the safe operation of the friction parts of the Pipe Bender, low viscosity lubricating oil should be preferred in order to reduce energy consumption.

2. Friction parts working under high-speed load conditions should use low-viscosity lubricating oil, and friction parts working under low-speed and heavy-load conditions should use high-viscosity lubricating oil.

3. Low-viscosity lubricants should be used when the ambient temperature is low, otherwise, high-viscosity lubricants should be used; high-flash point lubricants should be used under high temperature conditions; low freezing point lubricants should be used under low-temperature conditions.

4. Shock, vibration, reciprocating motion, intermittent motion, etc. are not good for the formation of oil film, so lubricating oil with higher viscosity or lubricating grease or solid lubricant should be selected to ensure reliable lubrication.

5. Low-viscosity lubricating oil should be used for small friction pair matching clearance, and low-viscosity lubricating oil should be used for working surfaces with high surface processing accuracy.

6. Choose lubricating oil with lower viscosity under mechanical cycle conditions, and choose lubricating oil with slightly higher viscosity when refueling intermittently; for vertical lubrication surfaces, exposed gears, chains, wire ropes, etc., choose lubricating oil with higher viscosity.

7. If there is no suitable brand of lubricating oil, you can choose to use similar brands of lubricating oil as a substitute or blending. When substituting, you can only choose lubricating oil with a viscosity slightly greater than the specified viscosity. When blending, try not to use two different properties and different properties. Brand and additive oil blending.

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