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The Pipe Bending Machine has multiple operation modes such as manual, NC semi-automatic, and numerically CNC controlled. There are two feeding methods: active feeding and through feeding. The processing data which writed by the operator can be used to generate a standard country code program to a specified program number. It can save the system operation time and improve the processing efficiency. The user-friendly interface design operation only needs to input the feeding amount, rotation angle, bending angle, and compensation speed corresponding to each bend.

Hot Bending Machines

Hot Bending Machines

For the Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine that has just been used, the mandrel must be checked to see if its diameter is too large, and if the diameter is too large, it is necessary to grind. And it is also necessary to ensure that the mandrel and the inner wall of the tube have a good lubrication. In order to reduce the resistance of the pipe bend and the friction between the inner wall of the pipe and the mandrel, it should take appropriate measures to avoid machine vibration and other phenomena.  Today, we BLMA are going to introduce three factors that reduce the arc thickness during operation:

1. Based on the external bending of the pipe arc, the cause should be carefully analyzed. First of all, ensure that the pipe has a good heat treatment. The weld of the seam steel pipe should not be in the direction of the force of F1 and F2, that is, not facing Clamping die and bending wheel die; check whether the pressure of the pressing die is too large after excluding the factors of the pipe, and adjust to make the pressure appropriate.

2. The consideration is that the boosting and pushing speeds are determined according to the actual conditions of the mandrel tube bender to match the speed of the tube bender machine. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the advance of the core rod installation is appropriate, and if necessary, make necessary adjustments.

3. For wrinkling inside the arc, corresponding measures should be taken according to the wrinkling position. If wrinkling at the forward cutting point, the position of the core rod should be adjusted forward so that the core rod is properly advanced in order to achieve reasonable support for the tube when bending ; If the back cut point is wrinkled, an anti-wrinkle block should be installed, and the anti-wrinkle block is installed in the correct position, it can be attached to the pipe bender mold, and the pressure of the compression mold should be adjusted to make the pressure appropriate.

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